You will find below our General Hiring Terms & Conditions ( check-in/out, insurance, animals, etc...).

These general terms and conditions govern the contract of the rental service of vehicles that will associate the client with VanBreak. If you tick the « accept » box during the online booking procedure, you are accepting the following terms.

1. Confirmation of Booking

1.1.When the client makes the reservation and payment, he/she automatically accepts the sales terms and conditions of VanBreak.

1.2.In the case that the renter or driver does not appear on the day of the vehicle pick-up, VanBreak will claim payment of the total amount of the booking.

2. Terms of Cancelation : COVID-19

If the Hirer rescinds the rental agreement, the following shall apply:

2.1: All rentals where the period of travel is in the year 2020 may be rebooked or cancelled, free of charge, up to 48 h before the start of the trip. In the case of cancellation, the respective down payment or the full amount shall be immediately credited in the form of a credit note for a further rental.

2.2: 59-15 days before the start of the rental, 50% of the total rental price shall be due. In the event of cancellation 14-0 days before the 1st day of the rental, the full rental price, including extras, must be wholly paid to VanBreak.

2.3 Equipment already booked cannot be cancelled separately from a booking. Costs for equipment, such as bicycle racks or a camping toilet, shall not be refunded in the event of cancellation.

3. Payment & Credit Cards

3.1.Upon booking, 50% of the rental fee (including the taxes and charges) will be charged to the credit or debit card which was used to make the online reservation. The method for prepayment of the rental cannot be modified once the booking is confirmed. If your credit or debit car dis declined, you will not receive a rental confirmation.

3.2.The first payment (50% of the total booking fee) can be carried out via PayPal, credit card on our website, or bank transfer (IBAN: ES67 0081 0240 1600 0255 2867 / BIC BSAS ESBB – transfer feeds are charged to the client). The second payment (the remaining 50%) can be carried out by bank transfer up to 48 hours before pick-up or in situ on the day of the pick-up, in cash or by card.

3.3.The exchange rates applicable will be those valid at the moment of the rental.

3.4.Even though a prepaid car dis an acceptable form of payment, they are not accepted for the security deposit to pick up an equipped camper van.

3.5.The card presented at the moment of vehicle pick-up will be the one registered for the rental and the one filed.

3.6. We require a credit card in case there is any damage to the vehicle or the vehicles, depending on the insurance plan taken out. A prepaid credit card is not acceptable for this transaction. The security deposit will be pre-authorized on your credit card: the total will not be charged or deducted, but will be blocked.

3.7.Upon dropping off the vehicle, VanBreak will release the corresponding security deposit. Depending on your bank’s procedure, this may take up to 30 days maximum to receive this reimbursement from the check-in day.

4. Availability & Classification

4.1.If the exact model you have booked is not available, VanBreak reserves the right to assign you a vehicle from a similar or superior category, according to the availability of the vehicles.


5. Documents / Driver’s License / Minimum Age

5.1.At the moment of pick-up, the driver must produce a valid driver’s license and a valid identity card or passport in the name of the drivers that appear on the rental contact. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.

5.2.The driver must have a valid driver’s license to drive in Europe. He/She must be at least 23 years of age at the time of booking and have had a driver’s license for at least 2 years.

5.3.If the driver has a non-European Union driver’s license, he/she should begin the process of applying for an international driver’s license, and communicate this to Vanbreak before departure. In general, it is essential to obtain an international driver’s license. However, for Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway it is not necessary, as the national driver’s license is valid.


6. Rental Duration / Check-In & Check-Out

6.1.The vehicles are only rented by day. The day of the pick-up and drop-off count as rental days.

6.2. The minimum rental period is 3 days in low season (September 16- June 30), and 4 days in high season (July 1- September 15).

6.3.An early drop-off or a late payment is the driver’s responsibility and is not entitled to any reimbursement.

6.4.Check-In: Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7:30 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

6.5.Check-Out: Daily from 8:30 am to 1 pm.

6.6.If the client wants to pick-up or drop off the vehicle outside of the abovementioned checkin/check-out times (6.3 y 6.4), he/she should notify Vanbreak by contacting us by email at or by phone at +34 671 769 178. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Please note that for this service an additional fee of 70€ will be charged.

6.7.The vehicle must be returned to the address where the van was picked-up.

6.8.VanBreak will get in touch with the client at least 24 hours before the pick-up or drop-off to agree on the time for check-in and check-out. The client agrees to uphold these times and to inform VanBreak in the case of a delay. Any delay could be subject to additional charges (25€/hour).


7. Modifying Your Reservation

7.1.The rental quote is made in function of the specific parameters (location, dates, times, etc.) of the request. Any change in the booking could incur changes in the fees. Contact us at or at +34 671 769 178.

7.2.If the client would like to modify the reservation after the pick-up of the vehicle, he/she should make the request by email at or by phone at +34 671 769 178. In the hypothetical case that the client wishes to return the vehicle before the established date (i.e. a shorter rental period), he/she will not be able to claim a reimbursement under any circumstances.

7.3.In the case that Vanbreak is obligated to cancel the reservation made by the client, Vanbreak promises to do everything in its hands to offer a rental of a similar or identical vehicle. In the case that the client would refuse this option, he/she would be reimbursed for all fees paid to the rental company.

8. Driver’s Responsibility & Obligations

8.1.The main designated driver at the time of booking is the person solely responsible for the camper van. This person is responsible for the use for personal purposes, maintenance and security, and agrees to retain all the documents entrusted to him/her.

8.2.The client is responsible for the care and maintenance of the camper van (e.g. interior and exterior cleaning and maintenance) during the rental period.

8.3.In the case of theft, attempted theft and vandalism, the renter must give a statement to the local police within 48 hours and must file a report. The renter must send VanBreak the original report and keep a copy.

8.4.If the client prefers not to have the vehicle cleaned, he/she must clean the vehicle, both the interior and the exterior, and return it in the same conditions in which it was found on the checkin day. If the vehicle is not considered to have been cleaned, VanBreak may charge the client an additional cleaning fee of 100€, which will be taken from the security deposit.

9. Vehicle Damage & Insurance

9.1.Vehicles are insured against all risks.

9.2. There are two types of insurance. BASIC insurance which is automatically included in the rental price of the vehicle and PREMIUM insurance that offers a better protection and other advantages.

9.2.1. BASIC INSURANCE: If the customer takes the “Basic” insurance (it is automatically included in the standard rental price), the customer will be responsible for up to 1450 euros as a deductible to cover the repair costs and possible damage(s) caused to the vehicle. The “Basic” package includes compulsory vehicle insurance, third-party damage, vehicle occupants, assistance in Spain, passenger insurance, civil liability, theft and damage caused by the later, fire, natural disaster, 24-hour assistance, 2 drivers and unlimited mileage. With this insurance, it is only possible to drive in Spain.

9.2.2. PREMIUM INSURANCE: If the client takes out «Premium» insurance (15€/day), the client is responsible for the possible damage up to a maximum of 750€. This insurance covers, in addition to the BASIC insurance package: 3 drivers, flat tires, upper part & lower part of the vehicle, rooftop, awning protection and minor exterior scratches (deep scratches and bigger body damage will be not covered). You will also have the possibility to travel in all Europe (Switzerland included).


Comparison of BASIC and PREMIUM insurance packages.

9.9 What is the difference between the security deposit (Caution) and the deductible?

The security deposit (deposit) as well as the deductible insurance are used to compensate for any damage.

The deductible insurance refers to the damages for which the insurance has been requested, while the security deposit allows the owner to protect himself from damages for which the insurance would not intervene (example: damages less than the amount of the deductible , dirty seats, broken dishes, etc.).

To sum up, depending on the insurance chosen and the associated deductible amount (Basic 1450 euros or Premium 750 euros), all damages that might have been done to the vehicle during the rental period and are not covered by the insurance will be at the charge of the tenant up to the maximum amount of the deductible.


10. Security deposit

10.1.  The amount of the deposit is 800€ for each kind of vehicles: California Beach / California Ocean / City Car Burstner.

10.2. On the check-in day, Vanbreak will hold the corresponding security deposit amount (800€) in the client’s bank account. Vanbreak reserves the right to hold all or part of the deposit until 30 days after the check-in date.

10.3. In case of damage, VanBreak will hold back the entire security deposit until receipt of the insurance report indicating the responsibility, or lack thereof, of the renter, or until receipt of the repair cost.

10.4. If the client infringes any of the conditions or clauses of the contract, the insurance will be cancelled and the client will be held responsible for the total cost of the damage.

10.5.In the case that the vehicle is immobilized, the client is obligated to inform the company by telephone or email to activate the 24-hour road-side assistance. VanBreak will get in touch with the insurer and organize the repatriation of the vehicle and its passengers to the closest mechanic or, if the repairs are costly, to the Volkswagen dealership in Torremolinos, all without any additional cost.

10.6.If the damage or breakdown of the vehicle is the client’s fault, VanBreak will not give any compensation.

10.7. Additional drivers In case of damages caused by the driving of the vehicle by a driver who is not indicated on the rental contract (BASIC insurance: 2 driver; PREMIUM insurance: 3 drivers), the client will take responsibility for compensating Vanbreak for the entirety of the cost incurred by the damages attributed to said driver (above all, the vehicle damages, plus the expenses and costs related to the immobilization of the vehicle).

10.8. The security deposit will be made by credit card on the check-in day. If the credit card is declined, Vanbreak reserves the right to hold the rental from the hirer. Nevertheless, the client could be asked to transfer the deposit amount to the company during the check-in (IBAN: ES67 0081 0240 1600 0255 2867 / BIC BSAS ESBB), sending the receipt of payment to , or by paying the fee in cash.

10.9. This security deposit insures Vanbreak against: . The financial responsibility of the client being in debt in case of damages caused to the vehicle, and not covered by the insurance contract to whom the client is undersigned, or in case of theft. Expenses billed by Vanbreak unpaid by the client. The security deposit cannot be used under any circumstances as a prolongation of the rental contract. . In case of accident or collision, Vanbreak reserves the right to hold said deposit in its entirety until the insurance letter indicating if the client is responsible or not is received, or until the estimate for the repair cost is received.


11. Fines

11.1. The renter is responsible for the infractions made during the rental contract period. In the case that VanBreak has to intervene, whether that be in the proceedings of fines, sanctions or reports, the renter will be charged a fee of 40 (forty) euros, taxes included. The renter expressly authorizes the leasing company to use the payment method, particularly the deposit, to pay the corresponding quantity including the handling fees.

11.2. If it is not possible to use the security deposit to pay off the fine (e.g. if the fine is received more than 30 days after the check-in date), the client agrees to make a bank transfer to cover the fine, administration fees (40€), and any other fees associated with the bank transfer, within 48 hours of receiving the information by email.


12. Cleaning

12.1. At the time of check-out, the vehicle should be returned with everything tidied and clean, both interior and exterior, in the same conditions in which it was handed over at check-in. If the client wishes to be exempted from this responsibility, it is possible to select the “Cleaning” service upon reserving the vehicle, or during the stay in it (as long as the company is notified 48 hours before its return).

12.2. If the client has not selected the cleaning service, he/she should return the vehicle in the same condition in which it was handed over at check-in. If at the time of check-out Vanbreak determines that the vehicle is not in the same condition in which it was handed over to the client, the company will be obligated to charge 100€, which will be deducted from the deposit, for the cleaning fee.


13. Check-In—Check-Out

13.1. In the moment in which the deposit payment is made after the reservation, the client will receive a confirmation email informing him/her of the check-in details (time, place, etc.). Our team will be in contact with you to determine the check-in day.

13.2. On the day of check-in, our team will explain the functioning of the vehicle and warnings concerning its use, and will be at your service to answer any question or doubt that may arise. Equally, we will take an inventory and evaluation of the state of the vehicle, both internally and externally.

13.3. The vehicle check-out will take place at the same place as check-in. If no member of Vanbreak is available (Sundays above all), the client can turn in the keys of the vehicle in a secure place advised by the rental company. Vanbreak will proceed with the contract closure (checking the state of the vehicle, as well as the water level and cleanliness) within a maximum of 5 days. The client can take photos of the vehicle once at the drop-off point, and send them to Vanbreak as proof of the state of the vehicle at check-out.

13.4. On the day of check-out, the vehicle should be returned with a full tank of gas, a full tank of water and clean toilets, even if the cleaning service was selected. Otherwise, Vanbreak will deduct the amount necessary from the deposit to cover the expenses incurred by the service charges.

13.5. You have the 6 following hours after checking in with the VanBreak team, to inform us if you have discovered an unreported problem during the check in. Without a feedback from you after these 6 hours, it is the state of departure that prevails.

13.6. During the check out, Vanbreak reserves the right to close the departure inventory up to 7 days from the date of check out.


14. Driver’s Responsibility & Obligations

14.1. The main designated driver at the time of booking is the person solely responsible for the camper van. This person is responsible for the use for personal purposes, maintenance (levels of oil and water, tire pressure, etc.) and security, and agrees to retain all the documents entrusted to him/her. For this reason, this person should heed whatever signal emitted by the warning lights that appear on the dashboard of the vehicle and follow, if it were necessary, all the safety measures and, in all cases, notify Vanbreak of the occurrence as soon as possible. Otherwise, this person will have to assume all the financial consequences owed to the delay of notification to the company. Vanbreak vows to refund the maintenance expenses that may arise during the rental as long as proof of this is provided, the driver has notified the company ahead of time, and to confirm the repair cost (for example: purchase of oil). Smoking is prohibited in the vehicle.


15. Animals

VanBreak authorizes the rental of the van with pets (dog, 1 maximum) but the client must choose the pet option, for a fixed cost of 50 euros. The deposit and the deductible will be 2,500 euros. The customer is responsible of cleaning the van and returning it in the same state in which it was rented.

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