opening bed in california beach VW

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Home >Campervan rental> Campervan models > Campervan VW California Beach Camper hire in Malaga

VW California Beach
Campervan hire in Spain

The CLASSIC campervan

security belt
5 seats
beds number
4 adults + 1 child
Sheets + pillows incl.
automatic gearbox
Standart driv. license UE

cinturón de seguridad

5 seats

numero de camas

4 persons

cambio automático de velocidad

Automatic gear

Driving licence B
(normal car)

The Volkswagen California Beach is the perfect traveling companion for a sporty trip. Thanks to its large storage capacity, you can transport your surfing, kitesurfing, diving equipment, etc. Equipped with kitchen accessories and a solar shower, it allows you to enjoy your adventure independently.


Indoor kitchen
(1x gas cooktop)
cooler box
water tank
Water tank
camping table and chairs
Table + chairs

Indoor kitchen
(1x gas cooktop)

cooler box

ducha con agua ambiente

Outdoor shower

deposito de aguas

Water (20L)

sillas y mesa exterior

table + chairs





  • Camping table + chairs (additional chairs optional)
  • Indoor kitchen (1 gas cooktop)
  • Kitchen accessories: dishes, cutlery, saucepan, coffee maker…
  • Electric cooler box
  • Bedding kit: pillows + sheets (fitted sheets, bedsheets and pillowcases)
  • Portable solar shower with clean water tank
  • Awning
  • Blackout curtains (every windows)
  • Air conditioner
  • Stationary heating
  • 12 V Plugs
  • Secondary battery (living area)
  • Security kit
  • Transportable toilet (optional)


2.0 L TDI engine, 150 hp, automatic gearbox
7-speed DSG, reversing radar, air conditioning, cruise control, multimedia screen (Apple Car)

2 double beds

1x bed: 150 x 200cm
1x bed (pop up roof): 120 x 200cm
Sheets & pillows included

campervan size

Campervan size

490 cm/190 cm/199 cm
Standart driving license UE

    • Pop up roof (manual)
    • 1x double bed: 150cm x 200 cm
    • 1x double bed : 120cm x 200 cm
    • Indoor/ outdoor table + chairs
    • Indoor kitchen (1 gas cooktop)
    • Electric cooler box
    • Portable electric shower
    • Blackout curtains (every windows)
    • Air conditioning
    • Stationary heating (for the night)
    • Secondary battery (living area)
    • Awning
    • Reading lights
    • 12 V plugs
    • Security kit
    • Kitchen Utensils: pot, pan, knives, forks, spoons, plates, can-opener, mini-coffee maker, cutting board, cups, bowls, colander, Tupperware, vegetable peeler, placemats, scissors, kitchen knife, salad bowl, dish towel
    • Bedding: sheets, pillows and pillow cases
    • Gas bottle
    • Hand brush
    • Wedge stabilizers
    • Emergency Kit: reflective vests, hazard triangle
    • First Aid Kit
    • Extension cable + Camping Adaptor
    • Battery cables
    • Campervan size: 490cm / 190cm / 199cm
    • Motor 150hp, automatic gearbox
    • Rear radars
    • Speed control
    • Radio with USB interface (Apple car/Bluetooth)
    • Hands-free kit
    • Cigarette lighter
    • Driver and passenger airbags, and deactivation of passenger aibag
    • ESP (Electronic Stability Program); AFU, ABS, ASR, EDS Emergency Brake Assist; steep incline Start-Up Assist
    • Electronic immobilizer
    • Automatic adjustment for headlight range
    • Normal size spare wheel
    • Centralized lock


Choose from our additional options for a comfortable and tailor-made road trip!


Price & availability



Up to 5 passengers in the Volkswagen California Beach

With its opening roof (manual), the VW California Beach combi can accommodate 5 passengers, including 4 beds (adults). It has two double beds: one in the cabin and the second one pop up once you open the roof. You can add the tent option (available for rental) for the 5th person.

Gas cooker, kitchen accessories and solar shower included in the rental price

Our VW California Beach combi includes a kitchen kit: 1 indoor gas burner, dishes, cutlery, kitchen utensils and coffee maker. You will also find a transportable solar shower and a water tank for a comfortable and independent stay.

Campervan with stationary heating and air conditioning

California Beach is equipped with stationary heating and ventilation. You will be able to enjoy your road trip in any season. Thanks to its two independent batteries (one for driving, the other for powering the living space) you can use the equipment up to 2 days of battery life while the vehicle is stopped.

Outdoor awning, camping table and chairs

The VW California T6 combi has an outdoor awning, a table and camping chairs, so you can enjoy the Andalusian climate while being protected from the sun. The van is equipped with 2 chairs, you can add optional camping chairs depending on the number of travelers.

Do you prefer an economic campervan?

Are you looking for an economical van for two people? Our VW Caddy van is ideal for a couple, from 65€, equipped with a double bed, a campingaz, an icebox, an outside shower and night heating. All the equipment of a van fitted out in a car.

Do you prefer a comfort campervan?

The size of the California Beach suits you but you want more equipment? Discover the California Ocean. It has an outdoor shower with clean and waste water tanks, and a kitchen with a fridge, two cooking hobs and a sink. The electric opening roof allows sleeping and traveling up to 4 people.

Do you prefer a mini motorhome?

The combi van California Beach is not suitable for your stay? Discover the Sunlight CityCar, a bigger campervan with great comfort. More spacious, it has an interior bathroom with hot water, shower and WC, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. It is ideal for the great outdoors, long stays or during the cooler months.