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Everything you need to know about our vans and camper vans to make the most of your road-trip in Spain with Vanbreak!

PREPARING your Road-Trip

Pour savoir quel van aménagé ou fourgon aménagé choisir, rendez-vous sur le sur la page VAN, section COMPARATIF.  Nous vous invitons à vous rendre également sur les pages descriptifs des vans où vous trouverez l’information nécessaire et des vidéos de présentation et de démonstration des vans.

Travelling with a child from a very young age (6 months) in an equipped van or motorhome is an unforgettable and extraordinary experience.

To enjoy this adventure with your children, the safety of minors is essential, and therefore you can rent baby car seats and child booster seats.

The ISOFIX system is not available. However, feel free to bring your own ISOFIX child seat if you prefer, our models of VW California campervans are compatible with the ISOFIX system.

Home Page > FAQ > COVID-19 : VanBreak security rules

At the end of this confinement, you probably want to take a break and enjoy the fresh air outside. At the same time, you want to stay safe and avoid mass public. So, we have a great idea for you during this summer, why don’t you try the experience of going on a road trip and travel in a campervan in Spain. But how to be sure you are safe?

At VanBreak, we reinforced our security measures to protect you as much as possible to be sure that you will enjoy your holidays in an equipped campervan with total peace of mind. Please find here the list of measures we are taking :

  • Demonstration videos of the Van are sent to customers, to reduce contact during check-in. For the check-out, the customer will carry it out autonomously, for this Vanbreak uses digitalized inventories.
  • Disinfection and full cleaning of the vehicle between each client with products recommended by health authorities.
  • A minimum period of 20 hours between each rental. No return and departure on the same day is allowed.
  • Campervan online Demo (sent in e-mail booking confirmation) in order to limited human contact during check-in, and autonomous check-out.
  • If you are unable to come to our agency on the day of departure (confined country, COVID-19 contamination), it will be possible to cancel your trip free of charge 48 hours before departure. You will have to send us by e-mail (roadtrip@vanbreak.com) the necessary documents and certificates. In case of cancellation, the sums already paid to the hirer will be transformed into a credit valid for 18 months (from the date of cancellation).

We remain at your disposal for any questions

VanBreak Team

Spain, and in particular, southern Spain, is an ideal area for road trips and camping due to its large spaces, the variety of its landscapes, the diversity of nature and safety.

To date we have not had any acts of vandalism. However, it is essential, as everywhere, to respect the safety instructions: close the van when you go out and when you sleep at night, do not leave any valuable things in sight (computers, sunglasses, mobile phone, etc.) and avoid leaving the vehicle unattended in marginal areas or neighborhoods.

If the driver has a foreign licence of a country outside the EU, it is essential to obtain an international driving licence. For Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway the national licence is sufficient.

The minimum age for driving all our vehicles (campervans and motorhomes) is 25 years AND 2 years driving license. Each driver needs to have a valid driving licence (Class B) for at least 2 years.

You can travel to Portugal by subscribing to the PREMIUM insurance. For any trip outside the Iberian Peninsula (France, Italy, Morocco, etc.) please contact us: info@vanbreak.com

It is possible, in almost everywhere. 😊 You can choose a car park or a resting place (a car park near the beach, an area just under a lighthouse, in front of the ocean) or simply a camping…

  • VW California equipped van: with the height of 2 meters of all our Volkswagen vans, you can park anywhere, without problem. You can stay away from large motorhomes and find places where they cannot access. You can look for coastal paths or small spaces in forests to enjoy the tranquility to the max. Beware of private areas or prohibited parking spaces … You can also enter cities and park in underground parkings.
  • Burstner City Car compact motorhome: with a larger size, it is naturally more complicated to park within cities in a parking space for a standard vehicle or a private parking. You will have to find special parkings for motorhomes. However, with the Burstner City Car compact motorhome, they are quite easy and you can find parking spots more easily compared to a standard-size motorhome. Beware of private areas or prohibited parking spaces …

With our Park4Night friends, you do not have to look for more parking places: install the application on your mobile phone (you need a data connection) or use our GPS with the Park4Night points that you have previously integrated. You will find many options for parking spots, share the best places with the Park4Night community, find a station to empty used water and fill the tank with clean water.

For more comfort, from time to time, you can also enjoy the campsites during your road trip.

Both models will allow you to live in total autonomy. The advantage of the the campervan is that it can sneak around; in the underground parkings and all the narrowest accesses as it is less than 2 meters high and wide. It is like taking your house on four wheels. It is driven and maneuvered like a car. You can easily visit major city centres, big cities, park, but also camp in the wild nature or stop to pass the night at campsites. However, the living space is smaller (kitchen, living room) and you can benefit from an outdoor shower (cold water).

On board our compact motorhome you have an indoor bathroom (with shower and hot water + WC inside), a spacious and comfortable kitchen and a real living room for 4 people. You will gain autonomy due to a larger water reserve (100L) to get lost in the great natural spaces and isolate yourself in the middle of nature. However, its volume (length, width, height) makes it a larger vehicle than the van, which requires a certain controlling, the city centres become less accessible.

No matter what model you rent, all you need is a licence B (Driving licence), and your personal belongings, because Vanbreak will take care of the rest : fully equipped vehicles for cooking, eating, sleeping and washing, click HERE to discover the list of accessories.

Find all the features of all our models.

Spain and more particularly Andalusia has an extraordinarily mild and warm climate throughout the year. Enjoy going on a road trip in Spain in a fully equipped camper van or motorhome throughout the year.

The climate in Andalusia allows you to travel almost all year round, to enjoy the sun that shines more than 300 days a year 😊.

Summer is ideal for discovering the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, and winter for discovering the richness of cultural heritage such as Seville, Cordoba, Granada.

All our campervans are equipped with stationary heating which allows you, wherever you are, to heat yourself all night, completely independently. Discover our camper vans and motorhomes fitted out for an unforgettable road trip in Spain.

Enjoy Andalusia all year round.

Aboard your van

We do not recommend travelling with your pet for safety reasons. We suggest you get in touch with a kennel a few meters from our agency.

If you wish to travel with your dog, it is allowed but the customer will have to pay an extra 50 euros for the entire trip and he is obliged to return back the vehicle in the same state of cleanliness as he took it. 

All our vehicles have electric autonomy (to supply the lights, fridge, shower, heating …) and a water tank. Travelers can sleep wherever they want and enjoy modern and complete comfort.

Each model has two batteries. The first battery powers the motor independently, and the second one powers the living space (lights, fridge, shower, heating …).

Our VW California OCEAN and mini motorhomes models have secondary battery indicators, but don’t worry if your secondary battery is empty, just start the engine (first battery) and it will recharge. The secondary battery is also charged by hooking-up to an external power (use an adapter and extension).

If you leave your vehicle immobilized, the duration of the second battery is usually between 48h and 72h depending on your use.

As for the water tanks, our VW California OCEAN campervans have a 30L tank, VW California Beach 20L, and 100L in the Burstner City Car motorhomes. You can fill the tanks with clean water at gas stations, camping sites,  or private homes 😉



For your road trip in Spain, our vans and motorhomes have an outlet so you can plug in your laptop, for example.

Our VW California OCEAN vans and the Burstner Citycar motorhome have a 220V socket to charge your electronic devices. The Burstner City motorhome must be connected to an electricity source through an external connection outside the vehicle.

If you choose the VW California BEACH van, we offer you a 12V to 220V converter (using the cigarette lighter) that will allow you to connect all your electronic devices that work with a 220 volt socket (laptop, camera charger, mobile phone, etc.)

Enjoy your road trip in Spain in fully independent vans and motorhomes with VanBreak.

The converted vans are equipped to accommodate between 4 (OCEAN model) and 5 (BEACH model) people.

No, it is forbidden to smoke inside our vans.

Yes, all our camper vans and compact motorhomes have air conditioning and stationary heating to heat your van when it is parked at night and thus spend the night warm.

The stationary heating works using the vehicle’s fuel (diesel) but the consumption is extremely low. Do not risk waking up dehydrated.

See the characteristics of our vans

The number of beds in an equipped van or motorhome depends on the model you want to rent:

 For more details, information and photos, see the characteristics of our vans.

In the VW California Beach and Ocean camper vans there are no toilets inside. However, we offer optional dry toilets made of cardboard, with disposable absorbent and anti-odour – non-chemical bags, which you can select when booking.

In the compact motorhome, this model offers a bathroom equipped with toilet, shower, water point, all the comforts as at home.

So, if you need the comfort of a toilet and a bathroom like at home, choose the Burstner CityCar fitted motorhome.

Anyway, you will always find toilets in a restaurant, petrol station, shop, campsite, or you can simply reconnect with mother nature and enjoy the scenery 😊.

RESERVATION van Aménagé & camping-car


  • Drivers must have at least 25 years old and have a valid driving license for more than 2 years.

At the time of signing the rental agreement, the tenant must present:

  • An identity document (passport or ID).
  • Proof of address of the past year (water, electricity, internet, … bill)
  • A valid driving license
  • A check or bank card in your name to proceed with the payment of the rent and to block the amount of the deposit.

See our rental general terms & conditions

The minimum night is 3 days in low and medium season and 5 days in high season.

To see the minimum number of days, availability and price, see our BOOKING page.

For the majority of bank cards there are no fees related to payment. However, certain charges may apply depending on your bank, country or card.

International transaction fees might be withheld by your bank and are therefore it is not our responsibility. So, in case of cancellation, we cannot refund these costs.

We use an outsourced payment platform to secure all payments. This can, with rare exceptions, generate additional costs.

If you find it problematic, contact us at the following address: info@vanbreak.com and we can provide you with the possibility of paying by bank transfer.

We offer two types of insurance:  BASIC and PREMIUM.

BASIC insurance is included in the standard rental price. If you want to benefit from greater coverage, you can opt for PREMIUM insurance, which you can select during the reservation process.

 Here is a comparison table between the two insurance options. It is available by clicking HERE:

All our vehicles are insured against all risks, also included in BASIC insurance.

Find more details in our general rental conditions, article 9.

Check In/Out of the van

Yes, it is possible to park your car in our secure parking lot.

Check-in times are Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:30, Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00, Sundays the agency is closed.

Check-Out times are daily from 08:30 to 13:00 at the latest. You must return the converted van to the same address where you picked it up on the day of your departure.

For any specific request regarding Check-In / Check-Out times, please contact us by e-mail info@vanbreak.com

Airport transfers are not included in the price. 40€ round trip

However, if you need a Taxi, simply send us your request, along with your flight number and the desired time, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The same goes for the return journey: simply send us your request and we’ll book your cab for you.

It’s extremely easy (even if you don’t speak Spanish) to get a cab from the airport. There are lots of them, and you never have to queue. All cabs activate the taximeter.

What to do in the event ofAVARIE / ACCIDENT

In the case of a police check, all you have to do is present the vehicle documents, the insurance (all documents are available in the vehicles) and the rental agreement.

If you break down with your vehicle, you’ll find the numbers and information you need in our VANBREAKER mobile application, in the SOS section.

In the case of minor damage (puncture, flat battery), the customer or your Vanbreak contact will contact the insurance company to arrange for the nearest garage to repair the vehicle immediately.

In the case of major damage (broken engine, broken clutch) that cannot be repaired within 48 hours, please contact your Vanbreak contact person so that he can organize the repatriation of the vehicle and its passengers to the VW garage nearest to the Vanbreak agency where you picked up your van.

If the breakdown is not attributable to the renter, VanBreak will cover the cost of repairing the vehicle and reimbursing any lost rental days.

If the breakdown is attributable to the tenant (misuse), no compensation will be paid to the tenant.

In the event of an accident, you must contact your Vanbreak contact as soon as possible to coordinate actions with our assistance/insurance service. You’ll find useful numbers and information on our VANBREAK mobile application in the “Contact / SOS” section. See the following section for repair/repatriation details and our General Rental Conditions .

The following information applies only if the hirer has complied with current legislation governed by the Highway Code, as well as the conditions of use of the van or panel van described in our General Rental Conditions. In the event of an accident involving a third party, the tenant must draw up an accident report.

In the event of a claim attributable to and the responsibility of the renter, whether or not involving a third party, VanBreak reserves the right to deduct all or part of the deposit paid, in order to cover all or part of the amount of the excess (this amount varies according to the type of damage). insurance formula selected).

If the insurance company considers that the tenant is not responsible, the full deposit will be returned. This amount will be reimbursed upon receipt of the compensation paid by the insurance company of the liable third party.

All our vehicles are fully insured.