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3 models of campervan for renting

VanBreak is a Campervan and RV Motorhome rental agency in Spain, based in Malaga (Andalusia)


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New vans
disinfected between rentals

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Assistance 24/24 – 7/7

km illimités

Unlimited KMs
in Europe

draps et oreillers inclus dans la location de van et camping car

Bedding kit included
(sheets / pillows)

kit de cuisine inclus dans la location de van vanbreak

Cooking kit included
(kitchen ustensils and dish)

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Enjoy an exceptional stay in Andalusia, Spain and all over Europe aboard one of our equipped vans or motorhomes. Our vehicles are fully equipped to give you maximum comfort. Thanks to the top of the range interior layout of the new vehicles, you can enjoy your trip with total peace of mind. Depending on the number of passengers, and your destinations, you can choose from our three models of fully equipped vans and motorhomes. Take the road trip of your dreams aboard our VW Kombi or our mini Burstner City Car motorhome, departing from Malaga (Spain).


The BURSTNER City Car C601

The complete motorhome compact, the City Car (Fiat DUCATO) offers a large living space, fully equipped and comfortable thanks to its perfect layout. It can accommodate 4 people, with two bunk beds, kitchen area and indoor bathroom (shower and toilet). Ideal for holidays in summer and winter, it is recommended for road trips to discover nature and the countryside.

Why choose a compact Motorhome (equipped van) ?

The City Car is perfect for a family vacation, as it offers the comfort of a small motorhome, with an indoor bathroom (hot water), a cozy spacious living room, a kitchen and a big refrigerator. You will travel happily with children (young or old) or with friends, for an exceptional road trip departing from Malaga.

For which type of trip is this van designed for?

Its dimensions do not always allow you to enter urban parkings, so we recommend this van for road trips to the countryside or campsites. If you want to travel to Andalusia or Portugal, discover the Costa del sol and the mountainous region, the City Car is ideal. You can also visit the big cities, but we advise you to park outside the urban center and go walking or use the public transport.


Compact, comfortable and with a great handling ability, the famous VW California Kombi is a privileged choice for your road trip holiday in a fully equipped van. Thought and designed to optimize space, the campervan offers you 4 beds, including a double bed in the pop-up roof. It also has all the necessary equipment for an unforgettable vanlife experience in Spain: shower, cooking essentials, storage, etc. The Volkswagen California T6 campervan is the top-of-the-range model in its category.

The VW California OCEAN T6 (CONFORT)

The VW California Ocean Kombi is ideal for a trip with friends or with children (2 double beds). The kitchen area (fridge and sink) and its outdoor shower give the freedom to enjoy a comfortable road trip in Spain. Easy to drive, it is ideal for trips to the countryside, the seaside and to visit big cities; Seville, Granada, Malaga, Cordoba, etc.

The VW California BEACH T6 (CLASSIC)

From 75€ per day, the VW California Beach Kombi is the perfect traveling companion to enjoy an amazing road trip in Andalusia. It accommodates up to 5 people, has two double beds, and it is equipped with a camping kitchen kit and a portable shower, it is ideal for parking on campsites or in natural spots. It is also perfect for driving in town and in the countryside.


Choose from our additional options for a comfortable and tailor-made road trip!


Campervan comparative matrix

Beach CLASSIC – VW California T6

Ocean CONFORT – VW California T6

Burstner Citycar PREMIUM

Exterior Volkswagen California T6 Beach - Vanbreak Volkswagen California T6 OCEAN - Vanbreak Fourgon aménagé BURSTNER CityCar
Interior cuisine équipée California VW Volkswagen T6 OCEAN Vanbreak grande pièce de vie van aménagé location malaga
Range Economic Confort Premium
Price From 75 € From 105 € From 120 €
Controlling Easy Easy Moderate
Demonstration DEMO DEMO DEMO

TECHNICAL information

Campervan size L x w x h 490cm /  190cm / 199cm 490cm / 190cm / 199cm 599cm /208cm / 258 cm
Motor 110 cv 150 cv 130 cv
Fuel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Consumption 7,5L/100 km 7,5L/100 km 11L/100 km
Gearbox Manual  Automatic Manual
Speed regulator Yes Yes Yes
Rear view camera No Yes Yes
Pilot parking system in the front and back Yes Yes Yes
Heated seats Yes Yes Yes
Car radio USB Yes Yes Yes
Standart drinving license UE Yes Yes Yes


Bedding 4 adults + 1 child 4 adults 4 adults
Beds size Main bed: 150x200cm / Roof bed: 120x200cm Main bed: 120x200cm / Roof bed: 120x200cm Main bed: 185x140cm / Secondary bed: 188x120cm
Heating system Yes Yes Yes
Sheets and pillows Included Included Included
Mosquito net Yes Yes Yes
Blackout curtains Yes Yes Yes
Sound insulation Yes Yes Yes
Thermal insulation Yes Yes Yes

to EAT

Inside kitchen Saucepan, skillet, knives, forks, spoons, plates, bottle opener, mini coffee maker, wooden spoon, cutting board, glasses, bowls, strainer, tupperware, vegetable storage, cutlery, cutlery, scissors, kitchen knife, strainer, salad bowl, kitchen towel
Kitchenwares and dishes Yes Yes Yes
Inside gas stoves No Yes Yes
Camping Gaz external Yes No No
Fridge No Yes – 42L Yes – 80L
Electric cool box Yes No No
Sink No Yes Yes


Inside bathroom No No Yes
Sink No No Yes
Inside shower No Yes Yes
External shower Yes Yes No
Hot water No No Yes
Water tank 25L 30L 100L
Toilet No (dry toilet in option) No (dry toilet in option) Yes


Interior table Yes Yes Yes
Rotating seats Passenger + Driver Passenger + Driver Passenger + Driver
Inside lights Yes Yes Yes
Air conditioning Yes Yes Yes
220v plug Yes Yes Yes
12v plug Yes Yes Yes
USB plug Yes Yes Yes
Battery autonomy (living space) >48h >48h >72h
Wardrobe No Yes Yes (big size)
ISOFIX system for baby seat Yes Yes No


Awning Yes Yes Yes
Camping table  Yes Yes Yes
Camping chairs x2   Yes Yes Yes
Clothesline Yes Yes Yes
Lights kit Yes Yes Yes


Parking Everywhere (as a car): Path / Wild Spot / Cities / Camping Everywhere (as a car): Path / Wild Spot / Cities / Camping Motorhome areas / Camping / big parking places
Camping adaptator (European) Yes Yes Yes
Extension Cord Yes Yes Yes
Wedge stabilizers Yes Yes Yes
Vest and warning triangle Yes Yes Yes
Emergency kit Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning brush Yes Yes Yes


  Sleeping bag, towels, extra chairs, bike rack, body board, paddle surf, baby seat, beach games kit, barbecue, dry toilets, gps

All the comfort of a motorhome in an equipped van

All our equipped vans have two double beds, thus offering four beds. Each vehicle has an indoor or outdoor shower, a kitchen area (or camping kit) and a fridge or cooler. With all the big space you have inside, you can transport your favorite sport equipment such as surfing, paddle surf, kitesurf, hiking, etc. You can turn the front seats to face the rear seats and by this you’ll be having a large living space. The vans have a capacity of 4 beds, and 4 or 5 seats (rear seats of 2 or 3 places), depending on the type of vehicle. So, you can easily enjoy your vacation with your romantic loved one, family or friends aboard one of our vehicles.Each vehicle has two independent batteries, one for driving, and a secondary which supplies the living space. The latter has a battery life of two days approximately, and it recharges while driving. If you wish to park on a campsite, you can benefit from the electrical connections to use the 220V sockets. The equipped van or motorhome therefore allows you to live independently, near the seaside, campsites or natural areas of your own choice!

Safe driving

Our campervans are fully equipped, new and approved to guarantee you a reliable and serene drive. We offer vans with manual or automatic gearboxes. Each vehicle is carefully maintained, to allow you to travel safely. Equipped with various driving aids: reversing camera, hill start assistance, etc. our vehicles are maneuverable and pleasant to drive. You can easily drive by the maritime or mountainous coasts, passing through the typical Andalusian or Portuguese villages. All our campervans have a safety kit including a warning triangle, a jack, a life jacket and hill start cables (standard equipment).

Summer and Winter

Our campervans are equipped with external awning, which protect you from the sun during the summer period. Each vehicle has a camping table and chairs. If you want to travel in winter, our motorhomes and vans are all equipped with stationary heating connected to the secondary battery. You will be able to sleep warm all night, either near the coasts or in mountainous villages, enjoy your complete autonomy and freedom.

How to rent a camper van with Vanbreak?

The van rental is done during the day. We will contact you a few days before your arrival to set the meeting time, so you can pick up the vehicle at Alhaurin de la Torre (Malaga). You can watch our vehicle demonstration videos, and we will, gladly, answer any questions you may have regarding your road trip. The rental contract of the van will be sent to you by email immediately. During your vacation, we stay tuned to answer your questions by email, phone or messages. When your adventure ends, your departure is also scheduled by an appointment and you must return the campervan within the defined time. We then check the condition of the vehicle and the deposit is automatically released during the following month.

Strong points of our kombi / rv motorhome hire

  • flexibility: departure and arrival upon appointment
  • availability: we answer your questions
  • freedom: you can travel wherever you want (Terms & Conditions), anywhere in Europe, with unlimitedmileage
  • recommendations: findout our itineraries and our travel tips 
  • manyotheroptions: rent the necessary equipment according to your trip: camping accessories, beach kit, portable toilets, additional chairs, sleeping bags, GPS, standing paddle surf,… 

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