Road trip around Madrid : visit of Toledo and Segovia (5 days)

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Road trip around Madrid : visit of Toledo and Segovia (5 days)

Road trip around Madrid : visit of Toledo and Segovia (5 days) 1604 804 VanBreak - Campervan and MotorHome Hire in Spain

I love to try new things while travelling, and get off the beaten path. I’ve never been a fan of camping though, so I tended to avoid anything that related to that. But last year I came across VanBreak Malaga and we decided to try out their VW California Ocean van while we explored the western side of Andalusia, which includes cities such as Cordoba and Sevilla (great for tapas and flamenco!). And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself!

This time around, we tried out their new motorhome range the City Car Burstner, which are much larger and more comfortable to travel in. We did a 5 day road trip from Malaga to Toledo and Segovia in February, so we were very happy to have an indoor bathroom and overnight heating. It was my first time travelling to this area of Spain and we had an amazing time. If you’ve never heard of either of these cities, they are very close to Madrid, and there are often day trips from Madrid to Toledo or Segovia that you can join. They’re also great destinations if you’re looking to do a road trip around Madrid without having to visit the capital.

mini motorhome rental in malaga spain

Here’s some practical information about the van rental process:


Campervan booking process: practical information

Mini motorhome reservation

We booked our campervan through VanBreak Malaga’s website (here). The team is available anytime you need them and respond to any questions you have very quickly. We had no issues contacting them while we were on the road. Currently, the City Car’s are manual only, so keep this in mind when you’re booking.

Price of the rental for our road trip around Madrid

This depends on the type of campervan you rent as well as what season you rent it in. For us, renting the City Car Burstner in the offseason for 5 days, it worked out to around €95 per day. We added the premium insurance for peace of mind, which was €75 for the whole trip. They also have the option of add-ons such as sleeping bags, paddle boards, and camping chairs.

Picking up the van

The pickup point is located next to a petrol station in Alhaurin de la Torre, a 15 minute drive from the airport in Malaga. When we arrived we were shown how to use all of the equipment in the van and they answered any questions we had. The gas and water tanks are full, so when you return it you need to make sure they are refilled and the waste and waste water disposed of.

Where to sleep with motorhome or camper van

There are plenty of places that are safe to spend the night across Spain. We used the app “park4night”, which gives you other people’s recommendations, most of the time with photos so you can check them out before driving there.

Setting off

It’s always good to have a little bit of a plan before starting. We had a destination in mind but figured out where to park for the night on the long drive up to Toledo. You should also practice driving the van for a little bit before getting onto the main roads. It may seem like a daunting task having to drive a larger van, but once you get the hang of it you’ll love it. I would also recommend ensuring that all your bags and belongings are securely stored before driving, otherwise they’ll be falling all over the place and can be a big distraction.


Day 1: start to our road trip around Madrid

Our first day started off early in the morning. We prepared our things the night before, so we were ready to leave as soon as we picked up the van. We also decided to make the bed before leaving, so we didn’t have to do it later. After check-in (around 9am), we hit the road, leaving southern Spain for the Spanish hinterland. Malaga to Toledo takes approximately 4.5 hours to drive to non-stop. We decided to take a break halfway through to refuel and stretch our legs at a petrol station.

Since it was such a long drive, we took the most direct route. As much as I would have loved to drive the van, I can only drive automatic cars, and the van is manual. So, I did my best to entertain Silvia while she was driving, and became a world-class DJ!

Where to sleep in Toledo

We found a great spot to park for the night with the Park4night app. We were a bit concerned that it would be tricky to navigate the van if we had to drive through hilly areas, but luckily it was all on main roads and the parking area was located directly outside the city walls. There was a footbridge connecting the parking area to Toledo’s old town which was ideal because we didn’t even need to move the van!

Once we parked, we walked into the old town and explored it during the evening. It’s a beautiful place and well worth visiting at night as well if you have time. While we were walking we stopped for some tapas (Iberian ham croquettes – yum!), then headed back to the van. The van has plugs and USB ports spread throughout, so we were able to relax a bit after a long day of driving with some Netflix and snacks. There’s also an overnight heating system which turned out to be a life saver because Toledo was pretty cold in the evening! (See 10 reasons to rent the City Car).

motorhome rental with hight quality bed


Day 2 : visit of Toledo

We had meant to wake up early to start exploring Toledo, but the bed was so comfortable we slept in a little longer than we had planned. We made a quick breakfast with some of the food we brought with us and then headed into the town centre.

We’d made a list of the top things to see in Toledo before the trip, so it was much easier for us to make a plan for the day. Our first stop was the city’s historic center and main plaza, Zocodover.

toledo, spain

We then made our way uphill to the Puerto del Sol and a gorgeous viewpoint in the gardens of the Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz. Toledo is famous for its churches, and the best way to see the seven main ones is to purchase the Toledo Tourist Bracelet which will give you access to them all for one set price for however long you’re visiting.

road trip around madrid : visit of toledo

If you’re short on time, definitely check out the Sinagoga de Santa María La Blanca and the Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes. They’re both absolutely stunning and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz

toledo visit what to do (spain)

The Puente de San Martin was very close to where we parked the car, so on our way back we stopped there for some photos at sunset. We also moved the van closer to it for a nice view while we made dinner.

road trip around madrid with motorhome spain


Day 3: continuation of Toledo and road to Segovia

We made sure to wake up early on our second morning, so we could check out the other side of Toledo before leaving for Segovia. The city has a very rich heritage, so wherever you walk you’ll be immersed in historic treasures. The views from the Puente de Alcántara were incredible, and there was a footpath along the river that was nice to walk along.

what to see in Toledo spain

Before heading to Segovia, which is just under 2 hours from Toledo, we made a quick stop at a grocery store to stock up. The motor home has a lot of storage space and a large fridge, so we did a big shop. Just before getting into Segovia, we made a little detour along a lake, located in a natural park just outside of Madrid, for lunch and to take a shower. In the winter, having an indoor shower with hot water is amazing while on the road! We set up our table and chairs outside, but quickly went back inside when we saw a herd of cows approaching.

road trip with top of range camper van

After lunch we drove into Segovia, and parked with a view of the cathedral. The parking area was very busy so we waited for a while until we could get a more secluded spot away from other cars.

motorhome rental in spain vanbreak


Day 4: discover of Segovia

What better way to start the day than with churros? We found an excellent place near where we parked that made them in the traditional way. Then we headed uphill towards the city centre. Segovia is an ideal destination for history lovers, and the main attractions are quite close together so it’s much easier to see everything within a few hours than it was in Toledo.

typical Spanish breakfast: churros and chocolate

Our first stop was the Aqueduct which was incredible to walk beneath.

segovia aqueduc spain turism - roadtrip around madrid

Our next stop was Plaza Mayor which is also where the Cathedral is. We took a walk through the Jewish quarter as well which I would highly recommend. Segovia is famous for its food, especially its suckling pig, so if you aren’t vegetarian and want to give that a try, this is the place to do it. Segovia is a very old city with a lot of cultural heritage, so if you’re looking for any form of nightlife this probably isn’t the place for that.

segovia turism in spain road trip

I was most excited to see the famous alcazar of Segovia! It was the inspiration for Disney’s castles, and really does look like something from a fairytale. There was a lot of construction going on around the castle, which was a bit of a disappointment, but we did some research and found an excellent area to drive the van to for a picture from below, which shows the entire castle and was empty.

roadtrip around Madrid in camper van ; visit of Segovia

We decided it was a good idea to start our journey back to Malaga after seeing the castle since it was going to be almost a 7 hour drive back. We headed to a small town called Consuegra to spend the night. It’s famous for its windmills on top of the hills, which we planned to see the next day before leaving.


Day 5 : windmills of Consuegra

We woke up and found that we were right next to another churro place! So naturally we ventured there. After breakfast we drove up the hills to visit the windmills. There was a road leading up to the main area, which led to a dead end so we parked the van there and had a little snack after we explored the windmills.

windmill consuegra - visit spain

There was a great view over the surrounding countryside, and the weather was picture perfect too. I’d recommend going earlier in the morning, because as we were leaving there were a lot of people and cars everywhere.

windmill consuegra spain

On our way back to Malaga and the Costa del Sol we made a stop for a quick bite of lunch in an area only a few minutes from the motorway with nice views.

lunch in RV motorhome rental spain

When we got back to the meeting point, we filled up the petrol and water tanks, cleaned it, disposed of all the waste at the petrol station across the road, and dropped off the keys.


Final Thoughts

The mini motorhome City Car is a fantastic motor home to rent in the colder months, or if you’re planning a long journey (see 10 reasons to rent it). There’s ample storage space, stationary heating, an inside living area that seats 4 people, an easy to use kitchen, a large fridge, indoor toilet, hot water shower, and of course an extremely comfortable bed. This was our second time using VanBreak, that’s how much we enjoyed our first road trip in the summer with the Ocean California campervan.

If you’re looking to stay in Spain, each region has a lot of different things to offer. From the Iberian Peninsula, to its numerous National Parks and world heritage sites, you really can’t go wrong. Holidays in Spain don’t always have to include sitting on the beach. With the freedom of movement you get by renting a motor home, you’ll understand just how incredible this Mediterranean country really is.

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