Road trip in a converted van: 10 advantages of Burstner City Car

Discover 10 good reasons to rent the CityCar for your road trip in Spain

Road trip in a converted van: 10 advantages of Burstner City Car

Road trip in a converted van: 10 advantages of Burstner City Car 720 714 VanBreak - Campervan and MotorHome Hire in Spain

Are you new to the world of camper vans? I was also a novice this summer, when we rented the VW California Ocean with VanBreak. It’s the perfect combi van for a beach vacation, or a short break during the summer months. For our second road trip, we opted for a larger, better-equipped van, the Burstner City Car. Travelling in low season, we chose this converted van for our road trip to Toledo and Segovia.. A larger van isn’t always a better option, but in this case, especially with the cooler temperatures, it was really ideal!

mini motorhome rental vanbreak malaga

If you’re planning to rent one of these converted vans during the off-season or winter, here are 10 good reasons why you should give it a try!

1/ A warm stay

The Burstner City Car van is fully equipped, including a stationary heater. It can therefore be used when the van is stationary. So there’s no risk of getting cold, even at night! You can easily adjust the temperature to your liking using the digital control panel. The heater runs on a secondary battery, independent of the drive battery, which has a range of around two days.

Stationary city car heater

2/ A top-of-the-range bed

Our bed was really comfortable. Probably better quality than half the hotels we’ve stayed in, to be honest. There’s a large night area, with spotlights and charging sockets. The converted van has two modular double bunk beds. The top one can be raised to the maximum to leave more height on the second one, if you’re travelling with just two people. It’s very practical to be able to drive with the bed ready, and slip straight into it after a long day’s driving.

Top-of-the-range city car adjustable beds

3/ A real bathroom

Probably the biggest advantage of this van: the integrated bathroom, with toilet and shower. The flush is fed from the water tank, and a curtain protects the toilet while you shower. And of course, the City Car is equipped with hot water, which is a real luxury in winter. You can open the roof window in the bathroom to ventilate the space. Of course, there’s a mirror in this toilet area. The toilet tank is easy to empty, and has an indicator to show the fill level.

interior fittings city car vanbreak panel van

4/ Comfortable driving

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the comfort of this van’s seats. The quality of the leather from which they are made means that you can drive in excellent condition. The seats – driver and passenger – are adjustable in height and inclination, and feature armrests. There’s also a two-seater rear bench, if you’re traveling with 4 people. The front seats turn to face it, providing living space for 4 around the table when the van is stationary.

living space vanbreak van

5/ The lighting system

Normally, the lighting system isn’t that important, but the City Car’s is great. In the evening, you can use the ceiling spotlights to illuminate the entire length of the van. You can also create a more subdued ambience by using floor spotlights, which create a cocooning atmosphere. There are also individual lights in the bathroom and above the sink, table and beds.

6/ A fitted kitchen

Both the VW California and the City Car have a fully equipped kitchen area, but the City Car’s is more spacious and more pleasant to cook in. Both vans have two gas-fired cooking rings, and plenty of storage space for food. They are, of course, rented with all essential kitchen utensils. The major difference is the size of the fridge, which is much larger in the City Car. It can store all your supplies for a few days. Finally, there’s a shelf that extends the worktop and saves space for cooking.

fully equipped kitchen in the vanbreak malaga mini motorhome

7/ Spacious living space

The living area of this converted van is a real luxury. As mentioned above, the two front seats turn to create a practical living space, offering 4 seats around the interior table. This can be removed while you’re driving, if you have passengers in the back seat. Recharging sockets and USB adapters are also available under the table. If you can’t enjoy the outdoors because of the cold, this is a very comfortable living space for dining, with an extension that makes the table larger.

interior table mini motorhome rental malaga

8/ Plenty of storage space

What’s a camper van without storage space? The City Car has far more storage space than the California Ocean. We appreciated this, as we were traveling with a lot of luggage. As mentioned above, there’s plenty of storage in the kitchen, but also cupboards in the living area, under the fridge and next to the bathroom. There’s also space under the bed to store your suitcases and other bulky accessories or sports equipment (surfing, etc.). It’s so handy to be able to unpack and put away all your stuff, without having to step on it!

storage space for vanbreak van rentals

9/ The closet

This is technically part of the storage space, but I think it’s worth pointing out. If you’ve ever rented a smaller van, you’ll be familiar with the problem of storing bulky items such as coats and jackets. The closet is another great advantage of the Burstner minicaravan, because when your coats are stored in it, you’re left with all the other closets to store the rest of your clothes.

10/ The mini motorhome plus

If the Burstner van is already great, it’s also equipped with a host of gadgets to make your life easier. A switch at the entrance to the vehicle enables you to activate the exit step for easy climbing into the vehicle. So if you have difficulty getting on board, or are travelling with young children, this step is really useful!

luxury mini motorhome running board

If these 10 reasons aren’t enough, why not try one of the Burstner City Cars yourself? You’ll love the freedom of traveling with the comfort of a hotel, aboard a luxury mini motorhome

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