MotorHome rental in Spain: 10 reasons to rent the City Car Burstner

Benefits of travelling in a motorhome City Car for your road trip in spain

MotorHome rental in Spain: 10 reasons to rent the City Car Burstner

MotorHome rental in Spain: 10 reasons to rent the City Car Burstner 720 714 VanBreak - Campervan and MotorHome Hire in Spain

New to the world of campervans? I was too until last summer when we rented the VW California Ocean from VanBreak Malaga. It’s a great van for taking to the beach or for short journeys in the warmer months. Our second time around though, we opted for the large, better equipped motorhome City Car Burstner for our little offseason road trip to Toledo and Segovia. Bigger isn’t always better, but in this case, especially with the cooler weather, it was a lot better!

rent a camper van in spain

If you’re thinking of renting one of these larger campervans, possibly in the off peak season or winter months, here are 10 reasons that’ll give you that final push you need.


1/ Feel the warmth

The motorhome Burstner City Car comes fully equipped with a special heating system that allows you to use it even when you’re parked. No need to worry about freezing overnight! You can easily adjust the temperature to suit your needs, and it runs on a separate battery than the car engine too.

heating in the rv motorhome city car


2/ Sleeping in a high-quality bed

Our bed was extremely comfortable. Probably better than half of the hotels we have stayed in to be honest. There was plenty of space in the bed area, with lights and charging ports. There are two double beds in this van which you can adjust the height on. It’s great to be able to drive with the bed already made and ready to dive into after a long day of driving!

ajustable bed in the rv motorhome city car burstner


3/ Bathroom

Perhaps the biggest advantage this motorhome has is the built in toilet and shower system. The toilet uses the water tank to flush, and a curtain pulls over the toilet while you have a shower. Yes, the van has a hot water system, which is incredible for use in the winter months. You can also open the window on top of the bathroom to allow the air to flow freely. Don’t worry, there are mirrors in there as well! The waste is very easy to dispose of too, and there are indicators inside the van showing how full all of the tanks are.

full equiped kitchen in camper van spain


4/ Driving in comfort

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the seats in this car. They’re incredibly comfortable for driving in and made of quality leather. They are easy to adjust and have armrests too. Even as a passenger you won’t find yourself moving from time to time trying to get in a more comfortable position. There is also a set of two seats in the living room area in case you have 4 people in the van. The front seats turn around so you can all sit in the living area together too when it’s parked.

living space in the burstner city car fiat


5/ Lighting system

Normally lighting systems aren’t all that interesting, but the ones in this van are great. In the evening you have the option of turning on the overhead lights throughout the van, or you can add a bit of ambiance and use the floor ones instead. There are also individual lights for the bathroom, on top of the sink, and above the table and beds.


6/ Fully equipped kitchen

Both the California Ocean and the City Car have kitchen, but this one is much nicer to cook in. There are two gas burners to use in this kitchen, and a lot of storage space for your food. It comes equipped with kitchen supplies too. The big difference is the size of the fridge, which is significantly larger and has shelves in it, making it easier to store everything. There is also an extra part to the countertop that folds away so you have more space to prepare your meals.

full equiped kitchen in the rv motorhome city car burstner


7/ Living area

The living space in this van is a huge bonus. As I mentioned earlier, the front seats turn around to create the living area, which will have four seats in total. There is a table which can be taken down when you’re driving in case you have guests sitting in the backseats. There are also electricity plugs and USB ports under the table for your convenience. If you don’t want to sit outside in the cold weather, it’s a great space for eating in and very comfortable, with an extendable part to the table as well.

interior table rental rv motorhome malaga


8/ Storage space

What’s a mini motorhome without storage? The City Car motorhome has a lot more storage than the California Ocean, which is good for those of us that like to overpack! As previously mentioned, there are lots of drawers in the kitchen, but there are also storage cupboards above the living area, under the fridge, and next to the bathroom. Underneath the bed you can also find lots of room to put bigger items or your luggage. It’s great to be able to unpack all of your belongings and have a place for them to go rather than falling over them!

storage in the rv motorhome


9/ Wardrobe

This technically counts as storage, but I think it needs a special spotlight. If you’ve ever rented a smaller campervan, you’ll know the struggle of finding places to put larger pieces of clothing such as your coats and jackets. The wardrobe is a great addition to this mini motorhome, and even with your coats hung up there is still a lot of room to put other pieces of clothing too!


10/ A little bit of assistance

As if this van wasn’t incredible enough, it has a little bit of a hidden gadget too. With the press of a button located next to the kitchen, a small step slides out from below the van to help you get inside. So if you have any problems getting into higher vehicles, or if you travel with children, this van’s got you covered.

walk mini luxury motorhome

If these 10 reasons aren’t enough for you, why don’t you try one of the City Car’s out for yourself! I can guarantee you’ll love the ability to travel the open road with the fitted luxury of hotel amenities.

Krista the Explorer