Kitesurf and road trip to Tarifa : learn kite and stay in a camper van

Kitesurf and road trip to Tarifa : learn kite and stay in a camper van

Kitesurf and road trip to Tarifa : learn kite and stay in a camper van 1500 1124 VanBreak - Campervan and MotorHome Hire in Spain

TARIFA : Kitesurf and Campervan

Looking for more fluidity in your stay? Discover another way to travel with VanBreak and Freeride Tarifa by combining the Andalusian tour with sports activities such as kitesurfing. This is what we offer you to ensure you a seamless journey. Pick up your van in Malaga and come directly to Tarifa to start your kitesurf experience during 5 days to become a intermediate rider.

After Tarifa you will be free to continue your trip and stroll to the sandstone of your wishes and if there was any lack of ideas you can follow our suggested itinerary to lead you to the discovery of some fascinating and unusual places: surfing session at El Palmar, enjoy a mojito for the sunset at Caños de Meca… As life is a ride, you will decide “when” and “where” you want to take the road.



Kitesurf camp in Tarifa, from March to November

 Highlights Camp :

  • 20 hours of kitesurfing lessons
  • IKO certified instructors
  • Level: beginners, intermediates riders
  • 2 persons per instructor
  • Brand new Naish kitesurf equipment
  • Volswagen California T6
  • Camper Van for 2-4 persons
  • Van Camp available from 12 days
  • 5 days to visit the countryside



Your daily scheduling includes one kite session of 2 hours in the morning, a break for lunch time to take energy and an other kite session of 2 hours during the afternoon.

You will learn kitesurfing through 3 main stages which are kite controle, boddy drag and waterstart. We will teach you the self-rescue technique to become an independente rider. No experience is needed for this activity, you just have to be able to swim.

See in details FreeRide Tarifa lesson plan



VANBREAK: Ride & Stay

Come enjoy this trip in Califonia Beach Van to live the best road trip ever, driving the Volswagen California T6.

This Camper Van owns a large living space and a big safe. Equipped with 2 double beds, an indoor lounge, the Beach Van is perfect for family and group of friends to visit the countryside and have a total onboard comfort. We provide you all necessary equipment to live in complete autonomy.

See the equipment included




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