Où Manger ? Où me laver en Campervan et Camping-Car

Où Manger ? Où me laver en Campervan et Camping-Car

Où Manger ? Où me laver en Campervan et Camping-Car 2048 1072 VanBreak - Alquiler de autocaravana y furgoneta camper, España

And how do I eat and wash In Campervan or MotorHome?

To eat, I open my mouth. To wash, I open the shower ;-)…

To prepare food, the trunk of the combi has a camping stove and kitchenware composed with pans, frying pans, plates, cutlery etc. If you wish to sit at a table like at home, there is a table fitted in the door and several folding chairs in the door of the trunk. You can also open the awning. Personally, we prefer to adapt ourselves to the traveling conditions and to eat fresh and wild, that’s to say outside, without tables and chairs, in the wild surrounded by nature. But in the nature there is room for all different tastes ;-).

To wash yourselves, the portable shower has enough water for 2 to 4 people. It is quite easy to find fountains or springs in Spain and Portugal. So, don’t hesitate to fill your portable shower every time you have the opportunity (it is normally possible once a day). When you have parked the combi in the middle of nature, it is then easy to undress yourself out of sight among the vegetation and to wash with the jet of the portable shower. If the climate is hot, the water of the shower will be barely warm or warm. Being able to wash outside is a delight unusual to savour.

On the other hand, in order not to leave marks of your passing in the nature, don’t forget to take an ecological and non-contaminating soap, shampoo and toothpaste…