Before returning the Campervan

Before returning the Campervan

Before returning the Campervan 2048 1426 VanBreak - Campervan and MotorHome Hire in Spain

Before returning the campervan…

The day to leave has arrived. It is going to be difficult to return to the sedentary life. No problem, you can still enjoy the last moments of ramble. As there is almost everything in the combi, you have taken the minimum with you. Packing your luggage should be very quick.

To be relaxed at the time of returning the keys, we recommend you to simply spend 60 minutes in a petrol station.Vanbreak offers materials and product to clean the combi. Some potent and cheap vacuum cleaners (1 euro for 3 minutes) are at your service in most of them.  This will allow you to return the van in the same condition (Inside and Outside) it was in at the beginning of the trip, and not to lose energy, money or time.

But for now… Enjoy your trip!